Mobility sometimes takes a back seat to the more ‘muscle toning, heart pounding’ aspects of our training routine. It is important to recognise the benefits of mobility in both athletic performance and injury prevention.

We have a unique ‘No Stretch No PLAY’ philosophy. By this we mean if you don’t move or stretch your body it  impacts all aspects of your life across work and home i.e. your ability to PLAY.

The PLAY philosophy encourages people to take a holistic look at their wellbeing:

P = Performance

L = Lifestyle

A = Awareness

Y= Youthfulness

The increased mobility and flexibility that comes with muscle stretching and mobility exercise allows our joints to move through their full range of motion. Under the guidance of a trained professional, mobility exercise can also help remove imbalances in the body, another major risk factor for injury.

However pulling out the ‘footy and netball stretches’ from the good old days, may not be the way to go, as stretching incorrectly can actually increase the risk of injury.

Some simple tips to keep your mobility exercise safe:

  • Warm-up: Have a gentle warm-up before stretching. Five to 10 minutes of low intensity exercise.
  • Stretch both sides: For the same amount of time.
  • Be consistent: Muscle length doesn’t happen over night but a consistent effort of three to four times a week will ensure changes start to occur.
  • Make your mobility work sport specific: Evidence shows a tailored mobility routine can assist in injury prevention. Get a trained professional to ensure you program is specific to the activities you want to be doing.

Here at NextMove we understand the necessity of having a well-rounded training/rehab routine, with mobility exercise taking a lead role in ‘restoring the balance’.

Come check out our ‘stretching station’ at Our Wellness Studio, we’ll even give you a run down on a safe and effective way to get some stretch back into your body. We also offer one hour mobility focused classes on Thursday nights at 7:30 PM and Saturday mornings at 7 AM.

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