Dry Needling

‘Trigger points, sometimes referred to as “knots” are a common cause of muscular pain. Often feeling like nodules in the muscle tissue, a trigger point can result in local tenderness, referred pain or twitching.’

Pain from a trigger point often feels like a dull steady ache, often deep in the muscle. It can also reduce the normal range of movement, and can even result in other issues, such as earache, dizziness, sinus congestion and false heart pain – even leading to depression if the pain is severe.

Trigger points can be formed from a traumatic injury, such as a car accident or improper lifting, or can develop over time from postural stresses such as sitting at a desk all day. Weakness or misuse of certain muscles can lead to overuse of others, and result in a trigger point.

A solution to this common, but uncomfortable condition with ‘dry needling’. Treatment, similarly to acupuncture, involves the use of tiny needles inserted into the skin and muscle tissue directly on a trigger point relieving the tissue of spasms and tightness and resulting in relief. Dry needling can increase the range of movement, and circulation and flexibility is improved.

So next time you feel that dreaded ache, remember relief can be at hand!

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