Robyn Ripley

Robyn Ripley

A passion for healthcare and a thirst to know more about human biology led Robyn to study Physiotherapy. Since completing her degree she realised how much she enjoys working with different people and promoting health and fitness. Outside work Robyn enjoys keeping active with friends by being part of a run club, trying her hand at a few sports or swimming along the beach.

At Nextmove Robyn is also responsible for coordinating and delivering our hydrotherapy service at Craigie Leisure Centre and providing our mobile physio service helping our patients who are unable to attend the clinic. She is an Australian Physiotherapy Association member.

What is my passion about physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is about empowering people to take control of their own wellbeing and I love walking that journey with them. Sometimes we all need a little encouragement and motivation to keep going. My passion about physiotherapy is being able encourage an active healthy lifestyle and showing someone how to recover from pain and regain their quality of life.

Why do I enjoy working for Nextmove?

Firstly, all the staff are friendly and create a laidback, fun environment. I enjoy working for Nextmove because there is a culture of placing highest value on your wellbeing and aim to treat all clients in a holistic manner.

 What special treatments do I offer?

As your Physiotherapist I can help you optimise recovery. I will thoroughly assess you to find out what is causing your main complaint. Following that I’ll then set goals with you and help kick start your road to recovery. I use manual techniques such as massage and joint mobilisations to provide immediate relief and then will work together with you to start an exercise programme that will target your problem and help fix it long term.