Matt Krouzecky

Matt Krouzecky

Matt has a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy) and was inspired to become a physiotherapist after numerous trips to the physio starting from a young age to treat his sporting injuries.

This early experience of injury and pain has made Matt passionate about rehabilitating and preventing further injury, especially with the younger generation. Matt has a unique skill in empathising with and engaging children and adolescents to understand complex concepts.

Matt is also a respected Karate Instructor for both children and adults at the International Goju Karate School.

“I receive the greatest satisfaction from helping people return to doing the physical things that they enjoy and love.”

Matt’s clinical passions:

  • Injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Neuromuscular system optimisation
  • Assessing and treating children and adolescences
  • Sporting injuries

Matt is our class leader at Nexmove Physio and delivers our Mat Pilates and Body Balance & Control classes.