Justin Haverhoek


A lifelong passion for keeping fit, leading an active lifestyle and a strong interest in human anatomy, coupled with an innate desire to help others led Justin to pursue a career in physiotherapy. He completed a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science in 2012, subsequently completing a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Curtin University in 2016.

During his studies Justin supplemented his clinical experience with 5 years work as a sports trainer for West Perth Football Club in the WAFL and more recently with the Whitford Amateur Football Club.

Outside of work Justin can be seen keeping fit via running and regular resistance training sessions and working on a long held goal of learning another language. He is also a current committee member of the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Association (WA Branch) sub-branch of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Justin has had the unfortunate luck to have suffered many sporting injuries and is fully aware of the impact being injured and in pain can have upon a person in all aspects of life. As a result, Justin is very motivated to assist others with getting back to their passions in life and being able to achieve their goals.

Justin will treat you using a holistic, whole-person approach where he not only looks at the area of symptoms but will also look at how all aspects of a person’s life have contributed to the present symptoms. Thus Justin aims to not only reduce your current symptoms but help prevent future issues by managing your underlying causes. He will do this via empowering you to be the positive catalyst for change in your life; resulting in long-term rather than short-term improvements.